November 3

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Karma is cruel.She also has an ironic sense of humor. In my last post, I complained about some of the bad reviews I’d received over my career. Sure, it was tongue-in-cheek, but there was a lot of truth in that post.

So now here we are, a few weeks after Chaos Unleashed has come out. (Yes, I know this update is late. I suck. Deal with it.) So far, there are barely any reviews of Chaos Unleashed at all. The few that are there – a handful on Goodreads and Amazon – are very positive. But the sheer lack of feedback is baffling.

I’ve seen some early sales numbers and they look solid. Similar to The Scorched Earth when it came out. But still the number of reviews is down quite a bit. I’m hoping it’s because people are re-reading the first two books to get a sense of the entire story as a whole, so it’s taking more time than usual for fans to post feedback. But part of me feels like review gods said, “Oh, you’re going to complain about the few bad reviews you get? Well, let’s see how you like NO REVIEWS AT ALL!!!!”

In other, less whiny, news BioWare recently released Knights of the Fallen Empire to rave reviews. This is our newest expansion to the Star Wars Old Republic MMO, but we’re focusing more on “old-school” BioWare style in the way we tell the story. So far, players seem to love it. But let me be clear – I was not involved in making this in any way! I only started at BioWare again last month, and they’ve been working on this for much, much longer than that.

Like books, the lead time in video games is quite long – many months, or even a year(s) isn’t uncommon, even for an expansion pack. So if you’re waiting to see some of my writing in video games again, you need to be a bit more patient. Still, it’s nice to see fans are enjoying the new narrative direction, and I feel like I’m stepping back into BioWare at the perfect time. I just wish I hadn’t sold all my EA stock when I left at at a third of what the price is now. :(

Okay, I guess that’s it for this update. To summarize: I like reviews; please post some for me. Also, BioWare is doing great things, and I’m excited for the future… but I can’t take credit for the present success.

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