Kickstarter Pre-Launch!

It’s almost time. I’m *this* close to launching Time Kings of Las Vegas on the world! Check out this preview from my Kickstarter welcome video!

But this Kickstarter campaign is more than just Time Kings – I’ve got something special for fans of all my work! Whether you’re into Star Wars, or Mass Effect, or my Chaos Born novels, you’ll find an exclusive package just for you!

So head on over to the Kickstarter Pre-Launch and sign up to be notified when the campaign goes live!

Time Kings of Las Vegas

Carson Gaines is a professional gambler and card counter with a very special gift – he can literally stop time! There’s just one drawback: whenever he stops the world, he finds himself just as frozen and helpless as everyone else.

Cursed with the world’s most frustrating superpower, Carson finds himself on the wrong side of a local mobster, the CIA, and a secret government research project operating out of Area 51. And he soon learns that in Sin City, the house always wins…