Time Kings of Las Vegas

This is it! Tomorrow – July 8 – Time Kings of Las Vegas goes live on Kickstarter!

The day before a Kickstarter goes live is a little bit like Christmas Eve: the excitement, the nervous anticipation. Only, in this case, there’s a chance Santa Claus won’t like you enough to fund your project, and you could end up crashing and burning in a humiliating, public, epic fail. But otherwise… yeah, it’s like Christmas Eve!

You can learn more about Time Kings on the Novels page of my website – including a sample chapter. But today I’d like to talk a bit more about what’s actually going to be in the Kickstarter.

Time Kings will be available in digital and trade paperback format. For now there’s no audio book, and no hard cover – the cost and the numbers just didn’t make sense for my first ever Kickstarter. But on the bright side, every copy of the trade paperbacks will be personalized and autographed!

But wait… there’s more! Are you a fan of my Star Wars novels? Were you thinking… damn, I’d love to get some autographed copies of the Darth Bane series with those new kick-ass covers at the same time I get a copy of Time Kings? Well, today is your lucky day! You want a side of autographed Mass Effect novels to go with your Time Kings order? I got some of that! How about a bit of Revan thrown in? Yep! Maybe you’ve been thinking about checking out my Chaos Born trilogy along with Time Kings. Good news – I’ve got a package for that, too!

Now, some of you might be saying, “Wait a minute, what if I just want autographed copies of ALL the books – Star Wars, Mass Effect, Chaos Born, Time Kings, the short story collection… the whole damn enchilada! Well, my friend, the SUPERFAN package will be just what you’re looking for!

And if you’re looking for the ultimate Drew Karpyshyn experience, you’ll want to act fast and scoop up one of my Vegas VIP meet and greets to enjoy an exclusive dinner with me in Sin City!

Basically, there’s something here for everyone; new fans and old. So I hope you’ll support me in this venture, and thank you in advance for taking a gamble on Time Kings of Las Vegas!