December 21

Next update: January 5

Wow – last update of 2010.

Not a lot of new stuff to report. The new website seems to be running great; let me know if you find any broken links or other technical issues.

I’m heading up to Canada to visit family over the holidays, so I may get even more behind on my e-mails. (Is that even possible? Yes… yes it is.) As usual, try to be patient and cut me some slack. Seriously – I’m about to go from +80 degrees here in Texas to 0… or worse. The last thing on my mind is answering e-mails.

Assuming I make it back from the tundra alive, I’ll jump right back onto my current novel. (Unless I lose a couple fingers to frostbite.) I’m closing in on my publisher deadline, which means my energy (and stress) levels are climbing – just what you want for the holiday season, right?

It’s my own fault. Like virtually all writers, I write to my deadline – I never finish a book early, and until I close in on the final few weeks progress is always slow. I guess it’s part of the business… at least until you get so famous you can make your own deadlines, and then you can take as many years as you want to write your next novel. Cough – GRRM - cough. (Yes, I went there.)

Okay, enough of that. Go, Spurs. Go, Chargers. Happy holidays, and I hope your 2010 was as good as mine. (But not better; I’m not that gracious.)

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