January 19

Next update: February 2

No updates on my secret project this week, but I do have  a couple interesting links to share.

But before I get to that, just have to say I’m throwing my support behind the Steelers and Packers for what remains of the NFL playoffs. I was cheering for San Diego during the regular season… didn’t work out so well. My NFC team has been New Orleans ever since Drew Brees went there… didn’t work out so well. So I jumped on the Atlanta Falcons bandwagon… didn’t work out so well. So my apologies to all the Packers and Steelers fans out there, but you’re stuck with me.

At least the Spurs are kicking ass and taking names. I’m going to my first Spurs game of the season on Saturday, January 29 when they take on Houston. I’ve got a perfect “in-person” record watching San Antonio; let’s see if I can make it 5-0.

What? You don’t care about sports? Fine, here are some book/game related links for you. First, here’s a podcast of my interview on Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib, a Philly based radio show that looks at all things sci-fi and geek. My piece starts a few seconds after the 33 minute mark. It’s a good listen if you want to hear me chat about the Bane series in detail. (Side note – he was close on my last name, but didn’t quite hit it. Remember – Karpyshyn rhymes with suspicion.)

And, in the Bane vein (hey, more rhymes), here’s a link to Bane’s lightsaber, as designed by Sabersmith Rob Petkau. Pretty cool stuff, including a video.

Okay, that’s all I got. See you in two weeks. Go, Spurs, go!


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