June 1

Next update Jun 15

Welcome to June. It’s hot in Austin (surprise); the Mavs and Heat are battling it out in the NBA playoffs (2006 redux), and the Vancouver Canucks just took game one of the NHL playoffs. Wait a minute…

Should they really still be playing hockey in June? They started the NHL season before the NBA, now there’s a chance they’ll finish after the basketball is over – that just seems wrong.

But a team moving back to Winnipeg next season seems so right. Hey, it’s Winnipeg – they don’t have anything else to cheer about; they NEED the NHL. (Now I’ll get a bunch of angry e-mails from folks in Winnipeg. Well, unless they don’t have the internet up there yet.)

Okay, you didn’t come here so I could mock a Canadian city most of you have never heard of, or to read my commentary on various sporting events. (My golf game is coming along nicely, by the way.) So let’s see what I can dig up in more relevant news.

E3, one of the biggest video game trade shows of the year, is coming up next week in LA. Sadly, I won’t be there, but BioWare is sure to have a presence. I can’t really comment on what may or may not be shown or said, but in my next update I’ll post a recap. (By which I really mean I’ll post links to other sites’ recaps; the internet is all about relinking other sources and calling it “reporting”. Go, go Huff-Po.)

However, while I won’t be at E3, it does seem like I’m going to be at Comic Con in San Diego again this year. Not sure of my exact schedule yet, but I’ll announce any panels or signings as they get set up. Subscribe to my Twitter feed to stay up to date with any last minute changes to my schedule.

They’ve also announced an official release date for Revan – November 15! And, they’ve released a brief teaser for the plot. Don’t worry, nothing too spoiler-ific in there. But you can now start pre-ordering the novel at places like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. And remember – Revan will be released in hardcover, e-book and audio book format! Why not get one of each? 

Okay, I guess that’s all I’ve got for this week. If you sent me an e-mail, please be patient – I will get to you. I’m about three weeks behind, but I’m trying really, really hard to catch up. (Well, at least one “really”. Maybe not two. That would probably mean I skipped some golf and that just ain’t going to happen.)


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