June 15

Next update July 6

Busy couple of weeks. The Mavs win the NBA finals – nice to see Dirk, Kidd and Marion get a championship. The Bruins take the Stanley Cup; not a huge hockey fan anymore, but it would have been nice to see the Cup in Canada again. C’est la vie. And the US Open starts tomorrow – nothing more fun than watching PGA tour pros shoot scores that I can hit on a good day. (Well, a REALLY good day.)

But I doubt folks come to my site for sports updates. So, what’s new in the world of books and games? Books… nothing new to report yet. Revan is still coming out November 15 – click the link for the (spoiler free) synopsis from the publisher. And remember: I’ll be at Comic Con in San Diego at the end of July. I still don’t have any details about the trip, but hopefully we’ll be able to work in some kind of signing or special event to help promote the book.

Big news in the world of video games, though. We just finished E3 2011, and BioWare kicked serious ass. Star Wars: The Old Republic had a great shows; click on the link for all the details. We also just announced some cool new Star Wars themed peripherals (keyboard and mouse for the techno-challenge) from Razer.

Mass Effect 3 also had a great show; again just click on the link for the details. And here’s a cool little video from MSNBC calling out both ME3 and SW:TOR for special recognition at E3.

Finally, I figured I’d put up the link to BioWare TV, a site that streams all sorts of cool BioWare related videos, interviews and game play demos.

Wow – that’s a lot of links. Guess I’m done for this update. Note the date for the next update – 3 weeks from now, not 2.

Why, you may ask? Simple – I’m going to Vegas, baby! But this time I’m not just going for fun; I’m actually scouting for the Vegas 1/2 Marathon. They’re running it at night this time, so I have to get real familiar with the Strip so I don’t get lost. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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