July 6

Next update July 13

Back from Vegas with my sanity and most of my bank account still intact.

Had the usual ups and downs, but I left on a good note with a huge run on the craps table just before we had to leave for the airport. Hate to walk away from a hot streak, but I’ve missed planes in the past and I don’t think my wife would have appreciated having to stay another night just to feed my addictions.

Speaking of addictions… wait, I’ll come up with a good segue here. Give me a second… I’m a professional writer, damn it! Almost there… nope. I got nothing.

So, uh, anyway – Comic Con!

I was hoping to give you a schedule for all my appearances, talks, signings, meet & greets, etc. However, we’re still hashing the details out. I will be there for sure – BioWare’s already booked the flight and hotel. I get in Thursday evening and leave Sunday. But that’s about all I know as far as where and when.

I can give you some extra bits about who, though. I’m not the only BioWare writer attending. Alex Freed – senior writer on SWTOR and the writer of the script for the Blood of the Empire webcomic and The Lost Suns graphic novel by Dark Horse will be travelling with me.

Alex is appearing on a panel at Comic Con with another friend of mine, Mac Walters – my co-lead writer on Mass Effect 2, the lead writer for Mass Effect 3 and the writer for the Mass Effect graphic novels. They’re going to talk about comics, video games and the secrets of success and happiness in a world bent on breaking your artistic soul. (Actually, I’m just guessing. The program for Comic Con isn’t up yet, so there’s no official description of the panel’s content, or any details of where and when it’s happening. Maybe next update.)

Okay, that’s all for this update. As noted above, I will post my next update in only one week, hopefully with my Comic Con schedule in all its glory! And I will try to catch up on my e-mails (sorry if you’ve been waiting for a reply).


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