July 14

Next update July 20

I’m a day late with the update. If you follow me on Twitter you saw my Tweet, so you didn’t come here for no reason. If you don’t follow me on Twitter… then you should follow me on Twitter. (Especially with Comic Con coming – schedules sometimes change, and I post all the updates to my Twitter account.)

I held off the posting so I could get a few more updates on my Comic Con schedule. So here we go:

Friday July 22
2pm-3pm - I’m part of a writer’s panel at the BioWare Base
4pm-5pm - I’ll be signing books, games, posters, etc at the BioWare Base (and we may have a few free copies of some of my novels to hand out)

Saturday July 23
12pm-1pm –  I’ll be signing books at the Random House booth (again, hoping to have some free copies to give away)
2pm-3pm – I’m part of a writer’s panel at the BioWare Base
4pm-5pm – Another signing at the BioWare Base
7:30pm-10pm – Community Meet and Greet at the BioWare Base

I’ll also be spending some time working the BioWare Base, helping with crowd control and lines as we expect HUGE numbers of people to come by to see and play the game. If you see me there say hi, but if I’m working I might not have time to sign stuff. Nothing personal. 

If you see me wandering around the Con and I’m not working – or if you see me at a restaurant or whatever around town - come up and say hi. I’ll be happy to sign stuff for you. (Seriously – I like it. Makes me feel like a big shot.)

I’ll be posting some more details about my panels and signings in my next update (and on my Twitter account!). We’re working on some cool give-aways, but I can’t really say too much more right now.

In other Drew related news, Star Wars Insider magazine has a short excerpt from the Revan novel in issue #127. Check it out for a sneak peek at what’s in store for our intrepid hero.

If you’re more into Mass Effect, here’s a cool link from Newsarama (warning – ME book spoilers!) that gives a nice summary of how key elements from the novels tie into the games. (If you read the books you might know all this, but it’s a good refresher. Plus, they mention my name.)

Okay, that’s all for now. One more update before Comic Con!


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