July 26

Next update August 10

I’m back from Comic Con, so let’s get it on like Donkey Kong!

Had a great time in San Diego. Signed about 400 books for my fans, did a couple Q&A panels and just tried to soak up the whole experience. Oh, and we officially debuted the cover for Revan.

We also decided we’d start taking pre-orders for Star Wars: The Old Republic, with a release window set for the 2011 Holiday Season! Let’s celebrate with a new trailer.

But that wasn’t all I did at Comic Con. If you weren’t there – or if you were and you just want to relive the glory that is me – you’re in luck. BioWare TV has recorded all the action. If you want to check out my contribution, click the clips for the Writers Panel Live Saturday video and the SWOTOR Panel Live Saturday video at the bottom of the screen.

You should also check out the video of the BioWare costume contest on the same page – truly some amazing Mass Effect and Dragon Age costumes created by our fans. In addition to the video,  you can also check out some pics.

The contest was judged by the folks from Crabcat Industries - one of the most amazingly talented and creative groups of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. (If you don’t remember, Crabcat blew us all away last year with this awesome appearance at Comic Con 2010.)

Hopefully seeing a real-life version of the female Commander Shepard has inspired you, because you now get a chance to vote on the official face of FemShep that BioWare will use in upcoming promotional material.

Okay, I guess that’s all for now. As usual I’m still trying to catch up on my e-mails, and as usual I’m behind. So be patient.


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