December 21

Welcome to the last update of 2K9. Tomorrow I’m off to the frigid north to visit family over Christmas. I’m going to enjoy seeing them, but I am NOT looking forward to the weather. (I was just out golfing earlier today, and now I’m about to be thrust into a sub-zero, ice covered golfing wasteland!)

I’ve tried to catch up on my e-mails as much as possible before I left, but I have been SWAMPED with e-mails from fans since Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil came out. Don’t get me wrong – that’s a very, very good thing. It’s just a little overwhelming, so if you haven’t had a response yet please be patient – I’ll get back to you in the New Year.

As for DoE sales, I don’t have any concrete numbers yet. But the most recent New York Times bestseller list came out and I placed at #18. At first I was a little disappointed: I was really hoping to crack the top 10 (the first two books both topped out at #11). Then I started to read the names on the list. Stephen King. Dan Brown. John Grisham. James Patterson. Sue Grafton. Michael Crichton. (Wait… isn’t he dead? How can he still be publishing!) Dean Koontz. The collaborative final book in the massive Wheel of Time series. That Kathryn Stockett novel that’s been clogging up the list for 37 straight weeks.

Seriously – check out that list. It is EPIC. What I failed to realize was that the pre-Christmas push from publishers includes all the heavy hitters. For a (not-so) young up-and-comer like me, it’s hard to compete with the legends. So I don’t feel all that bad. I’m going to assume the numbers are there; the competition at this time of year is just a lot tougher than when Rule of Two came out (the week after Christmas).

But I haven’t given up hope yet. There’s still a chance to climb a few spots in next week’s list. So if you haven’t bought your copy yet, rush right out and pick it up! Yes we can! Yes we can! (And if we don’t, I’ll deal with my sorrow by playing an extra round of golf when I get back to Texas.)

Okay, that’s all. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Festive Festivus (AFestivus for the rest of us!), and a spectacular New Year.


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