August 10

Next update August 24

So I just got back from a little vacation to visit family and friends in Canada.

Took a break from the 100+ heat of Austin, got in some golf, had a good time. But when I get back I find out the country I now live in has been downgraded from triple A to AA+.

Seriously, if I knew my leaving would reduce the value of America that much I would have cancelled my vacation. Or at least postponed it. But I’m back now, so we can all rest easy. Go ahead – put the AAA rating back in place. Please. My retirement fund is begging you.

Why do I care about a retirement fund, you ask? Because I just turned 40. Yeah, I know I don’t look a day over 38 and a half in the author photo of my books, but that pic is almost 10 years old. So you can imagine what I look like now.

But I refuse to go gentle into that good night. (And everyone says I’m already really good at “raging”.) That’s why I’m still training for the half-marathon in Vegas in a desperate attempt to keep my own body from being downgraded from F to RTVSF. (That’s “Fat” to “Reality TV Special Fat”.)

On happier news, I’m going to be at New York Comic Con in October. No details yet, but I’ll probably be doing some panels, some book signings and some promotion for Revan, which actually doesn’t come out until November 15. (Though we may be planning something special for the NYCC fans tied in with the book. For now, that’s all I can say.)

Hopefully while I’m there I can snag a ticket to Book of Mormon. (After many failed attempts, I’ve finally given up trying to get tix for the Daily Show or Colbert Report.) Maybe I can even see a Knicks game at… oh, yeah… this.

Now I’m depressed again. And it’s past my bedtime. Gotta get my sleep now that I’m part of the 40-65 demographic.


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