August 24

Next update September 7

Not a lot to update you about right now - I’m caught in the dog days of summer, just waiting for Revan to come out. Still training for the Las Vegas half-marathon in December, but some bad socks and the resulting blisters have slowed me down for a few days. Still golfing, despite my blisters. Still baking in the hot, hot Austin sun.

No updates on my appearance at New York Comic Con yet; maybe I’ll have details once we roll into September. I do have an update about PAX 2011, though – I’m not going. I wanted to be there, but I have a previous commitment. Maybe next year.

But even though I won’t be there, BioWare will be. Here’s a link to the official Star Wars: The Old Republic news release about PAX. Plus, Huttball!

Finally, as you may or may not know, Sue Rostoni recently retired from her position as Executive Editor for Lucas Licensing. She was intimately involved with the creation of many, many, many Star Wars novels – including mine – and Knights Archive has posted a nice interview with her, including fond farewells from several of the Star Wars authors who worked with her.


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