November 4

Next update November 11

A couple days late with this update, but you would already know that if you’d signed up for my Twitter account. Over 4000 followers and counting!

But I’m late for a good reason. There was a storm coming – a storm of publicity for my Revan novel! And I wanted to wait a couple more days to let some of the links go up. So here we go: a torrential downpour of promotional goodness!

Two preview chapters posted over at the SWTOR site.
write-up and preview chapter over at the Entertainment Weekly website.
A special half-price sale and exclusive interview with me over at Barnes & Noble. (Scroll down to see the interview.)
The original excerpt posted at the Random House/Del Rey website.
A bunch of mini-excerpts are also scattered on the Star Wars: The Old Republic Facebook page and the Star Wars Books Facebook page.

So, all this attention is great – Revan is in the top 100 books on both Barnes & Noble and Amazon, peaking at #12 and #28 respectively. But it also means more traffic to the site, and people are pointing out some out-of-date info on my FAQ and book pages. Thanks for the info; I’ll try and get that stuff up to speed over the next couple weeks. Gotta look my best when Revan hits the NY Times bestseller list!

There should be some more interviews coming down the pipe soon; I’ll be adding those with my next update on November 11. But even though I love the attention, it’s not all about me. So let’s talk about something that’s actually IMPORTANT.

Child’s Play is a charity that raises money to provide video games to kids in hospitals. Seriously – kids in hospitals. Even a self-absorbed jerk like me can get behind this charity. And to help raise money for this very worthy cause, the folks over at G33kWatch are holding their second Mass Effect Marathon. Last year they raised over $21,000 dollars, and this year they’re shooting for 30k. So over the next few updates, I’m going to be earning some “get into Heaven free” points by helping to promote the cause. (I also signed some items for them at NYCC which they’ll be giving away, along with a bunch of other awesome prizes in raffles for people who contribute.) Even if you can’t afford to donate (times are tough), you can help by spreading the word via Facebook and Twitter.

Okay, all this philanthropy is exhausting. Time to wrap it up.

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