November 30

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Revan debuts at #8 on the NY Times best seller list!

This isn’t my first time on the best seller list, but it’s the first time I cracked the top 10… and damn, this feels good! (Though I’m still able to say my Darth Bane novels go to 11.)

If you clicked on the best seller link, you might have noticed that Revan was #8 on the hardcover list. It’s also #14 on the combined print and e-book list, and #31 on the e-book only list. I’m not sure what to make of all these numbers, exactly, but it is interesting to see that digital copies are significant enough to have their own chart now. This is a fairly recent development; the Bane novels weren’t available in any of the e-book formats when they were first released – it was only this past summer that they went digital.

Fortunately Revan is available in hardcover, audiobook, Nook, Kindle, and iTunes formats… so if you haven’t got your copy yet, you can do it with a few simple clicks on the computer. (Go ahead, I’ll wait.) I do find it interesting that the strongest showing is in hardcover; considering my audience (gamers and sci-fi fans), I would have expected digital to be more common. But maybe, like me, some people still want an actual book with cover art they can display on their shelves. (I’m not knocking digital here – I understand the appeal. I’ve just always been a late adapter.)

Of course, one of the side effects of having a best selling novel is an increase in public awareness of the Drew Karpyshyn brand. I’m still not at the level of getting to jump the reservation line at fancy restaurants, or getting free courtside NBA tickets (thank God the season is back on!). But whenever one of my books is released I see a massive spike in e-mails sent to me through the website. Almost all of the e-mails I’m getting are positive, but it is hard for me to keep up with the volume. So if you sent me an e-mail in the past couple weeks, please be patient. I’m trying to get through them as quickly as I can, but it’s going to be a little longer than usual before you get a reply. (And it’s not like I was fast before.)

Further complicating the issue is my upcoming trip to Las Vegas! However, this trip won’t be my typical celebration of greed, gluttony and other assorted vices. This will be a testament to physical fitness and the triumph of the human spirit as my wife Jennifer and I compete in the Vegas half-marathon. Some of you may recall I ran this same race two years ago, but this time it’s at night. In my books, that’s enough of a change to justify a December pilgrimage to my personal Holy Land. (Over/under line on the number of e-mails from people offended by that last statemant: 5.5.)

Okay, enough about me. Before I go let me make another pitch for the Mass Effect Marathon. The folks over at G33kWatch have raised over $20,000 so far this year for Child’s Play. And even though the marathon is officially over, you can still contribute. You can even make a donation in someone else’s name – a great gift idea with the holiday season approaching. (And throw in a copy of Revan while you’re at it.)

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