January 18

Next update February 1

I thought about pushing my update back and claiming I was joining the SOPA protest, but I figured you’d all know I was just being lazy.

Seriously, though – the SOPA thing is an important issue. Obviously as a creative artist I’m against piracy; if artists don’t get paid for their work, then I’m out of a job. But SOPA is a poorly thought out bill that infringes on free speech in ways I just can’t support. I’m not saying the problem should be ignored, but this solution could do far more damage than piracy ever will.
Ending political rant to return to your regularly scheduled update.

Well, we’re halfway through January and life for me is good. I’m over .500 in my NFL playoff picks, the NBA is up and running and the Spurs look like a (darkhorse) contender, and I was out golfing today in shorts.  On my e-mail replies, I’m still answering people from before New Year’s, but the backlog is being whittled down. As always, please be patient.

And speaking of patient, if you’re a fan of Star Wars: The Old Republic you’ll be happy to know that the first patch/update is now available for download – Rise of the Rakghouls! In addition to addressing some technical issues (like all MMOs do), we’re releasing a bunch of new story content. I’m pretty excited about this release, because I was one of the primary writers for the Kaon Under Siege flashpoint, and it’s always a thrill when your stuff is unleashed upon an audience.

I also have a few interviews to share with you. (I already linked these on my Twitter feed, but I know not everybody who checks out the blog follows me, so for some of you this is just a rerun.) First, there’s a podcast of a radio interview I did before Christmas over at Fictional Frontiers. I mentioned it in a previous post, but now I have a link to the archived podcast in case you missed the live feed. My stuff starts around the 3:20 mark.

I also tweeted about an interview (and a Revan review) posted over at Castles and Cooks, and a fun interview I did about football with the Warren Peace NFL blog. I’m the third “celebrity” he interviewed for his blog – the other two are MC Sage Francis, the musical genius behind Best of Times, and comedy writer John Cheese of Cracked. I love Best of Times and I love Cracked, so it was pretty cool to be aksed to join this select group and give my opinions on the NFL… though I think I jinxed the Saints by giving them a shout-out. My bad.

I’m going to end this update with some teaser-type announcements. I’m putting together my schedule for the year, and I will be attending several conventions in Texas and other parts of the country. We’re still hammering out the details, and once I have them I’ll let you know… though I can confirm right now that I will be attending Celebration VI in Orlando during August. Hope to see you there!

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