June 9

Next update June 28

Yeah, I know – I’m late with the update. Combination of a sore throat and mourning the Spurs getting ousted from the playoffs.

But OKC was the better team – they made the shots that counted. They nailed big three pointers at key times, and hit their free throws. Lots and lots of free throws. The “Around the Association” section in ESPN’s Daily Dime sums up my feelings nicely, so let’s leave it at that.

A few fun things to report since my last update. Went to New Orleans for the first time; a very interesting city. Definitely unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been. Highlight of the trip was probably the airboat swamp tour – seeing gators up close and personal is my kind of thing. (Unlike the Bourbon Street scene: drunken buffonery isn’t really my kind of thing.)

In writing news, we’re close to a deal for the foreign rights for Children of Fire as well… though I’m not sure if that mostly means UK, or if that will include release and translation into other languages. As I find out more, I’ll let people know.

They’ve also officially released the cover for Star Wars: Annihilation. The link includes a short interview with me about the book as well. (I already mentioned this on Twitter, so this may be a rehash for some of you.) When you click on the link, be sure to actually click on the picture of the cover – you’ll get a look at the back cover art as well!

The man on the front is Theron Shan, the main protagonist. I’ve had some people ask if he was modeled after me. (People asked the same thing about the default image of Commander Shepard as well.) I guess I can see it, since we do share some features: white guys with shorter, darker hair; two eyes, one nose. But beyond that… not so much.

On the back cover of the Annihilation novel, you see Darth Karrid, the main villain in the story. She’s the one with the red lightsaber. You also see Jedi Master Gnost-Dural, the narrator for the history holocron updates for SWTOR. If you listen to the holocron updates the voice may sound familiar – Gnost-Dural is played by the brilliant Lance Henrikson, who also voiced Admiral Hackett in the Mass Effect series. (I actually got to meet Mr. Henrikson during the VO sessions for the first Mass Effect game. How’s that for a name drop?)

Okay, I guess that’s all for now. Remember – I’ll be appearing at Celebration VI in Orlando at the end of August. If you’re a Star Wars fan you should try to make it down – I went two years ago to Celebration V and it was a blast.