September 1

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I’m back from Celebration VI.This was my second visit to Celebration, and I enjoyed it even more this time around. Got to meet with the fans and some other SW authors; signed some books; saw a lot of awesome costumes (including some Revans and a few Banes); took a ton of photos and had an all around good time. Had a FANTASTIC meal at a sushi place called Dragonfly – if you’re in the area I highly recommend it. And we were fortunate enough to have Hurricane Isaac miss us – my theory is that the collective will of all us Star Wars fans in one place somehow caused the Force to push it away. Now, if we could just figure out a way to work in a golf tournament and some casino action it would be the perfect trip! (Hmmm… step one might include moving Celebration VII to Vegas.) 

While I was there I also did a ton of interviews; expect these to be popping up here and there over the next few weeks. For starters, here’s an audio recording of my interview with Rooqoo Depot - they’ve put it together with a few pics of me at the con, plus some cool artwork. And, while I was there an earlier interview I gave to Eurogamer was posted – some interesting stuff you might want to check out in there. (Well, I think it’s interesting, because it’s all about me.)

One odd little note about the con – they were giving away ARC (advance review copies) versions of Star Wars: Annihilation. So a few lucky fans actually got a (mostly final) copy of my upcoming novel almost 3 months early. Hell, even I didn’t get one of those! They also had ARC copies of Scoundrels, the new Tim Zahn novel, and that doesn’t hit shelves for five months! Just a hint of the kinds of crazy things you can get your hands on at this convention.

So, what’s next for me? Well, I’m going to be making another appearance at the Arboretum Barnes & Noble in my hometown of Austin, TX for Star Wars Reads Day. I’ll be appearing with author Aaron Allston and several of my former BioWare colleagues for a discussion panel, some Q&A, some signings and all sorts of fun, prizes and giveaways. Here are the details so far; hope to see you there:

Saturday, October 6
Time: 2:00pm
Barnes & Noble Arboretum
10000 Research Blvd.
Austin, TX 78759

In other news, I’m almost finished with the first draft of Children of Fire, the first book in my original fantasy trilogy. I’ve been working on this project on and off over the last decade, and to see it finally nearing completion is very rewarding; so much so that I’m planning a celebratory trip to Vegas to… uh… celebrate. Pretty convenient, especially since the NFL regular season is about to start.

So, wish me luck in Vegas, and I’ll have another update (and maybe some more interviews to post) when I get back.


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