December 6

Next update December 21

Update is a day early. Just keep calm and try not to panic.

Turns out I won’t be around my computer on Saturday, since I’m going to Fort Worth for the Magic the Gathering Grand Prix. So I’m doing the mature thing and updating early, instead of just procrastinating and doing it when I get back. (Yeah, I’m surprised, too.)

However, no good deed goes unpunished. See, I plan to drive up to DFW, and my hotel room is non-refundable. So of course Mother Nature decided to unleash a hellacious ice storm this weekend on the DFW area. Wasn’t this what I moved to Texas to get away from? I think this sums up my feelings on the current weather.

But enough of my bitching. I’m still packing for the trip, so this is going to be something of a mini-update. I got back from my recent Vegas trip refreshed and energized. And broke. Completely broke. Next time I go to Vegas for six days I’m bringing my golf clubs, because spending ALL your time in the casino is a bad idea.

The interview I did with Bombad Radio just before my last update is on the interwebs – the Drew-tastic stuff starts around the 20 minute mark. We touch on lots of interesting stuff, so if you’re a Mass Effect, Star Wars or BioWare fan you should really give it a listen.

I also did a short bit with Matt Staggs over at Suvudu for an article on how authors come up with names for sci-fi and fantasy. Click on the link above for my take, and here’s the link to Part One of the article.

I’ve also ordered some cool bookmarks with awesome Children of Fire and The Scorched Earth art on them – they just arrived and they look awesome! So, I’m going to steal a little trick from Brandon Sanderson and start hiding signed bookmarks in copies of my novels whenever I visit bookstores while I travel. And, if you send me something to get signed I’ll try to tuck one into the return envelope for you as well. (Please remember to follow the instructions on my CONTACT page, though.)

Speaking of books, Star Wars: Annihilation is now out in paperback, and Children of Fire makes a great gift for the holidays. So in the spirit of the holiday season, buy my books and make me rich! (Yes, I’m a ho-ho-ho.)

Okay, that’s it for my penultimate update of 2013. One more update in a couple weeks, and hopefully I’ll have tales of conquest over the winter elements and my worthy adversaries at the Grand Prix.

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