May 16

Next update postponed to June 14

Guess I’m going to San Diego Comic Con this year.

I thought I had my Con schedule all worked out for this summer, but in this fast-paced, jet-set world of mine things can change in an instant. (Yeah, right.)

So here are my latest (vague) plans. July 18-21 is SDCC. August 15-18 is GenCon in Indy. And I’m still hoping to get to World Fantasy Con in Brighton, UK at the end of October. As we get closer to each event I’ll post more info on any signings or talks or appearances I might be making. (Be sure to follow me on Twitter for the latest updates.)

Unfortunately, it looks like I won’t be attending DragonCon this year after all. Probably for the best – August was already pretty jam packed for me. That’s when I take my annual sojurn back to my Canadian homeland. (If you’re going to visit Canada, do it in July or August. Just trust me on this.)

Not a lot else to report right now. At least, not much I can talk about. We have an author blurb for Children of Fire from one of my personal favorites, though until it’s officially announced I can’t say anymore. But I’m very excited.

I’m also excited because we’re getting close to revealing the original cover art for the UK version of Children of Fire. That’s right – the US and UK versions will each have their own original cover art.

Okay, that’s about all for now. Gotta get back to work on The Scorched Earth, book two of the The Chaos Born trilogy. I’m not famous enough yet to leave you hanging for too long after Children of Fire hits the shelves.

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