August 17

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This is it! The last update before The Scorched Earth hits shelves!

On Tuesday the second book in my Chaos Born trilogy is finally released! Between that and working on the final book in the trilogy, you’d think I’d have plenty to keep me busy. But I actually just got back from my yearly vacation to Canada. As usual, the trip was great – I caught up with family and friends, and it’s always nice to get a break from the Texas summer. (When folks up in Edmonton were complaining about the “heat wave” they were having, I couldn’t help but laugh.)

But now I’m back, and The Scorched Earth is just around the corner. You can get a short plot teaser of the novel over at the Random House website, and you can even preview the first 80 pages or so with their Look Inside feature. At this point, let me remind all my international fans that the UK version of the novel – with it’s own unique cover art - isn’t coming out until September 4th.

Also, several fans have asked me where they can get the hardcover version of The Scorched Earth. Well, I’ve got some bad news – it’s only coming out in trade paperback format. (Along with e-book, audio and maybe a mass market version sometime down the road.) I know some fans who bought the hard cover version of Children of Fire will be disappointed by this – I understand the urge to get an entire matching set. But I don’t really have any control over it. For various reasons, the publishers and booksellers decided to skip the hardcover version and go right to the trade paperback with book 2. (Possibly because they sell better, and probably because most stores are now stocking the trade paperback version of Children of Fire, so they want to keep the two titles together on the display shelf.) As of right now, there are no plans to make a hard cover version. It’s possible that may change someday (for example, if they ever make a movie or TV series out of it!), but for right now paperback is all you get. I guess the one good thing is that your hard cover copies of Children of Fire are now collector’s items, particularly if you got them signed!

Speaking of signing books, I’m going to be doing an appearance at the Austin Arboretum Barnes & Noble on Tuesday, August 19th at 7pm to celebrate the release of The Scorched Earth. I think the plan is to have a short Q&A with fans, and then I’ll be signing books, games and anything else people want me to put my name on! The folks at B&N are going to have my entire back-catalog on hand as well, including lots of copies of Children of Fire in case you were waiting for book 2 to come out before you decided to jump into the series. So come on down and say hi! I always enjoy meeting fans, and in addition to signing stuff, I’ll be happy to talk Star Wars, Mass Effect, BioWare games, my Chaos Born trilogy, golf or the NBA and the San Antonio Spurs.

Right now the Austin signing is the only public appearance I have on my schedule. Well, the only one I can talk about right now – there is something else in the works for my international fans that I can’t talk about yet. But if you can’t make it to Austin, you can still send me stuff to sign just by following the instructions on my CONTACT page.

The B&N signing isn’t the only thing I’ve been doing to promote The Scorched Earth, however. We’ve got a bunch of reviews lined up, and I’ve already done several on-line interviews. There’s a good one over at Roqoo Depot right now that’s pretty much spoiler free.  I also did a recent interview with the Russian website Off The Record; here’s the English translation.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting more reviews and interviews as they go live on my Twitter account – follow me there for all the latest Drew news!

Okay, I guess that’s it for this update. Remember, The Scorched Earth comes out this Tuesday! If you’ve read Children of Fire, the sequel is finally here! If you haven’t started the series yet, now you can get two books at the same time! (And seriously, what are you waiting for?) In the immortal words of Jay Sherman, “Buy my book!”

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