April 3

Next update April 24

Time to reveal my Star Wars Celebration schedule!

Kind of a short update this time around. Unfortunately,¬†A Minor Malevolent Spirit and Other Tales – my upcoming short story collection – isn’t quite finished yet.¬†Still dotting the final “i’s” and crossing those last “t’s”. I’m crossing my fingers that everything will be ready to go before the end of April. I’ve already talked about all the unexpected things that go into the production of a self-published book in my FEB 27 and MARCH 20 updates, so I won’t go into that again. But if you’re interested in my stories, you can check out a FREE EXCERPT!

On the bright side, I now have a preliminary schedule of my appearances at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. I’m going to be doing a few book signings at the Del Rey Booth, as well as a Star Wars University Writer’s Workshop Panel. Here are the details so far:

Friday, April 17

3-4PM – Author Signing
Location: Del Rey Booth

Saturday, April 20

1-2PM – Author Signing
Location: Del Rey Booth

5-6PM – Star Wars University Writer Workshop
Location: 206AB

In the Star Wars universe, even those who walk in the light struggle with the temptations of the dark side! Come pick the brain of Drew Karpyshyn, author of thirteen novels – including five Star Wars titles – and the lead writer on BioWare’s award-winning Knights of the Old Republic video game. Known for iconic characters like Darth Bane and Revan, Karpyshyn will present his take on the dark side and go through his process for creating memorable villains in the Star Wars universe.

I’m also going to try and swing by the BioWare Old Republic Community Cantina Saturday night for a bit, and I hope to squeeze in a few podcasts while I’m there! Be sure to follow me on Twitter to get all the latest, up-to-date info on my comings and goings!

And remember – if you see me wandering around the con, please come up and say hi! I’d be happy to pose for pictures, or sign any books, games or anything else you want me to put my autograph on. (And there are rumors we might be giving away free copies of Revan and Children of Fire at the Del Rey signing sessions… but let’s keep that as our little secret!)

Okay, I guess that’s it. Making a short trip to Vegas next week, then I’m off to Anaheim! Hope to see you there!